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Leon Sod Inc is proud to be a family business. Our family values support a tradition of uncompromised quality, as if each new job was the very first.


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Re-Sod Specialist


Are you tired of those dead spots in your lawn? Does your yard need help? Did you know a bad lawn will bring down the value of your home? Don't get cut short of beautiful.

When it comes to re-sod in Tampa, Leon Sod stands alone. Quality sod installation is what we are known for in the Tampa Bay area. We use fresh cut sods and turfs delivered daily from our sod farms in central and southern Florida.
For years Leon Sod has been the leader in residential re-sodding. We specialize in all types of Florida grasses.

When it comes to your home not just any grass should do.

Remember.......The grass is always greener....When you call us!

Your re-sod job will include the following:

  • complete removal and hauling of existing vegetation
  • soil treatment
  • installation of sod choice
  • initial chemical treatment

Call us today for all your re-sod needs. 813.251.3007